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Clara Nicoll

About the owner of Taal Brit
My name is Clara Nicoll. I am originally from Hertfordshire, England. After studying Biology and genetics at University I worked in international publishing until my late thirties, I made a career switch to an English trainer when I moved to the Netherlands, and where I now teach adults and children of all ages, backgrounds and levels in many different industries.  I live in Hoorn, North Holland, with my British husband and children, and where I started the Taal Brit English Language School.
My approach
Every student has his or her own reasons for taking a language course. It is important to me that I discover and meet the wishes and needs of each student, then adapt the lessons according to their goals, all the while making sure that the lesson is a relaxed place to be; humour and understanding can go a long way when teaching! I am enthusiastic with a passion for igniting confidence in students. I feel very much at home in general business English but also have detailed knowledge of science, publishing and the leisure industry.
I am also a firm believer in ‘use it or lose it’. Learning English doesn’t end when the lessons have ended. I use my experience to find ways to encourage self development and provide the tools to keep people learning. Fluency, vocabulary and grammatical correctness are the building blocks of a language, and learning to use them correctly is a huge step when mastering a language.

English teacher / Engels docent for Taal Brit - engelse les in Hoorn

Claire Miller

My name is Claire Miller. I am originally from Hampshire, England. After studying French at the University of Portsmouth, I worked in project management and marketing, before changing my career and becoming an English trainer. I taught in London and Belgium before moving to the Netherlands in 2004. Since then I have always taught general and business English to adults and children of all ages, backgrounds and levels to professionals, in many different industries.
My approach
I am an enthusiastic, involved, flexible and helpful person, and students see that in my approach. Every training session is tailor-made because I want to respond as much as possible to the learning wishes of the student. I like helping not only people with low self-confidence when communicating in English, but also helping people with an advanced knowledge of English to further improve and polish their speaking skills. A sense of humour, giving targeted feedback, current and industry-oriented material are a must in my training. The majority of my lessons are in North Holland and Amsterdam.

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