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I'm Clara Nicoll, owner of Taal Brit English Language School, located in Hoorn, North Holland. Below I have listed some of the websites I find particularly useful to students. I hope you find some that you like too!

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Clara Nicoll Taal Brit English School Hoorn

Websites to help your English
These company has many native-speaking English teachers from around the world, mainly Canadian but also a few British teachers. I particularly love James, Benjamin, Ronnie and Emma. Check them out!
Where do I start? There are many great teachers out there... but also some that are just wrong! Take the lessons on you-tube with 'a pinch of salt' (don't trust them completely). However, mmmEnglish (a lovely Australian lady) is a great one.
For children, try English with Steve and Maggie.
I'm a bit obsessed with this website! Gabriel Clark seems to do all the lessons online, they are funny, informative and easy to read. It's a shame that their films aren't as polished as the blogs, but hey, they're busy teaching!
God bless the BBC. It has so many resources for an English student. Six minute English is perfect for B2/C1 students but there also lots of shorter clips on you-tube for all levels of ability.
BBC iPlayer may not be accessible around the world but the BBC's podcasts are. There is a wealth of information to listen to here, but have a look at Radio 4. This station has only programmes that discuss topics rather than just playing music, so you can find whatever you like. Do you like gardening? Check out 'Gardeners' Question Time'. Do you like history? 'You're dead to me' might be perfect for you. Have a browse. These programmes are designed for native-speakers so beware that these are high B2/C1.
A British newspaper launched in 1821. Click on the lifestyle link to find many great articles about various subjects. It's free to read at the moment but it might not be free forever.
An English language website about the Netherlands. Why read about Dutch news in Dutch when you can polish up your English at the same time by reading this site!
I'm British so of course, I'm going to lean towards British resources. This one is great for me and it's got sections for adults and children at all levels of ability.


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